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HDF places great emphasis on projects around rehabilitation, education, and stability.

We have dedicated program and project managers in our field offices and our headquarters that go through all the possible avenues to give assistance to our beneficiaries in the most efficient way. Some of the programs we are currently running include:

  • Donate

    • Goal: $
  • Sponsor an Orphan

    Sponsor an Orphan

    HDF prides itself in its sponsorship program for orphans. The sponsorship which we provide is for primary education all the way through to secondary. Preparing…

    • Goal: $
  • Zaktul Fitr, Eid and Qurbani

    Zaktul Fitr, Eid and Qurbani

    We are distributors of Zakatul Fitr, Eid gifts, and Qurbani. During the holy seasons of the Islamic calendar, we distribute meat and Gifts to families…

    • Goal: $70000 0.00%
  • Emergency Ramadan relief

    Emergency Ramadan relief

    relief During Ramadan, we have iftar programs that reach out to hard-hit areas within Yemen and Syria. We provide the families with a month worth…

    • Goal: $
  • Schools


    We have 12 schools which are currently operating within the Turkish border. Some of our schools have boarding facilities for the children and their guardians,…

    • Goal: $
  • Soup Kitchen

    Soup Kitchen

    We have soup kitchens on the Turkish/Syrian border which not only employ and feed refugees but we also train chefs with employable skills so they…

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