POSTED BY Tiana Bayemani | Oct, 06, 2017 |

This Ramadan, we focused on giving out food parcels, Jerry cans of water and hosting group iftaars in some of the worst hit areas in the Middle East.

Yemen is currently going through one of the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history. With the shortage of food and frequent outbreaks of Cholera there is a staggering 7 million people who are in a state of emergency. Syria with the ongoing conflict is seeing huge numbers of people leaving their homes and facing uncertainty with food and shelter, and for this reason, we have picked these two countries to be the recipients of our Food parcels during Ramadan.

Our food parcels and water Jerry cans were designed for families of 5 for the entire month of Ramadan and included staple items such as oil, flour, rice, canned vegetables, sugar and a wide variety of other products to give them some food security while they are fasting.

Our group Iftars were an additional project which our donors paid for hot meals to be given at the time of breaking fast. Donors were able to feed up to 200 people at any one time. This constituted of a starter of fruit and dates, a meat or chicken dish, a side of rice or bread and vegetables and a dessert.



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