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Human Development Foundation is a faith-inspired charity that was set up back in 2012 in light of the Syrian conflict. Our main objective was to alleviate the immediate dangers which Syrians were facing and to then set up a foundation for educational projects. We have now started working in other parts of the world such as the Philippines and Yemen, but much of our work is still focused on Syrian refugees and their host countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Education is a Great Equaliser

Our motto, ‘Education is a great equaliser’ plays a fundamental role in the way we view the work we do. While giving aid to disadvantaged communities helps the problem short term, ultimately it is the skills and psychological support in the long term that allows these communities to be uplifted out of their situation.


Work is on Aid Relief

Approximately 10% of our work is to aid relief and the remaining 90% is on orphan sponsorship and educational projects. Making sure the upcoming generation has the necessary skills and confidence to go out and find their place in the world is our priority.


Works on Projects

We have a dedicated team that works around the clock to ensure that our projects are managed with the highest due diligence procedures in place. Our headquarter is based in London with offices currently in Turkey, Jordan, and the Philippines.


Years of Experience

Given our years of experience in the region, we are proud delivering partners for a number of international charities, we have the local knowledge and manpower to ensure that the correct help is given to the people that need it the most.

Our Sponsors & Partners