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Welcome to Human Development Foundation

We would like to invite you to explore the projects which we are currently working on. The team at HDF constantly challenge themselves to come up with new and innovative ways to help disadvantaged communities around the globe.

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Potential Meets Opportunity

We have a dedicated team that works around the clock to ensure that our projects are managed with the highest due diligence procedures in place.

Our Stroy

Human Development Foundation is a faith-inspired charity that was set up back in 2012 in light of the Syrian conflict. Our main objective was to alleviate the immediate dangers which Syrians were facing and to then set up a foundation for educational projects. We have now started working in other parts of the world such as the Philippines and Yemen, but much of our work is still focused on Syrian refugees and their host countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Our Projects

  • Donate

    • Goal: $
  • Sponsor an Orphan

    Sponsor an Orphan

    HDF prides itself in its sponsorship program for orphans. The sponsorship which we provide is for primary education all the way through to secondary. Preparing…

    • Goal: $
  • Zaktul Fitr, Eid and Qurbani

    Zaktul Fitr, Eid and Qurbani

    We are distributors of Zakatul Fitr, Eid gifts, and Qurbani. During the holy seasons of the Islamic calendar, we distribute meat and Gifts to families…

    • Goal: $70000 0.00%
  • Emergency Ramadan relief

    Emergency Ramadan relief

    relief During Ramadan, we have iftar programs that reach out to hard-hit areas within Yemen and Syria. We provide the families with a month worth…

    • Goal: $
  • Schools


    We have 12 schools which are currently operating within the Turkish border. Some of our schools have boarding facilities for the children and their guardians,…

    • Goal: $
  • Soup Kitchen

    Soup Kitchen

    We have soup kitchens on the Turkish/Syrian border which not only employ and feed refugees but we also train chefs with employable skills so they…

    • Goal: $

What our volunteers say about us

I am very fortunate to have been a regular volunteer in the HDF office for several months and thoroughly enjoy every minute of working with them. They are an awesome and inspirational team, extremely friendly and welcoming; and were both interested in what led me to volunteer with them and in sharing their expertise with me. As I was lucky enough to be working at the office when they launched the Yemenade And Penny Appeal during Ramadan 2017, I learned first-hand about all the amazing activities that go on behind the scenes before, during and after an appeal is launched. I saw how hard this incredibly dynamic group of professionals work to galvanize a massive network of peoples and organisations into action at such short notice and then how they deal with the response. This experience also enabled me to meet a wide range of others within the sector, which in turn has been extremely valuable in helping me to develop my self. My time at the HDF is one that I shall always look back on with immense pride, gratitude and fondness.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Our Missions

Our mission to is keep our promise in ensuring we deliver high quality relief and aid projects to areas which need it the most.

We only carry out projects with the best partners in the sector who are renown for their work both locally and globally. Human Development Foundation has a strict due diligence procedure which it puts all partners through to make sure that the safety of our beneficiaries is never at risk.

As a team we work hard to ensure that all our projects strictly follow the guidlines of the British charity commission that governs our work. Our integrity as an International Non Profit organisation is judged through our policies which we have put in place to make sure that there is maximum transparency.

We ensure that all the work we do is done with a lot of consideration and thought placed into how it will effect the communities we are going into.

Working with partners who have strong local connections and cultural understanding is paramount to us and we believe it is one of the core values which we hold that makes our work successful.

We do our absolute best to ensure that we get our beneficiaries involved in the process.

We regularly ask for feedback and for their suggestions on how we can improve the work that we do, they are the service users at the end of the day so regardless of whether we have distributed food baskets or have opened up a new community centre, we want to know how we are doing.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Our Latest News

We aim to improve the lives of over 10,000 children by 2020 through innovative projects.

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